Application Notes


Title File size Last modified
Diesel Sector Combustion Modeling with FORTÉ 680 KB 02/13/2013
Multi-Component Spray Modeling with FORTÉ 2 MB 02/13/2013
Automatic Mesh Generation with FORTÉ 693 KB 02/13/2013
HCCI Engine Performance Evaluation Using FORTÉ Simulation with Detailed Chemistry 242 KB 02/13/2013


Title File size Last modified
Automated Parameter Studies in ENERGICO 561 KB 02/13/2013
Predicting Emissions for Liquid Fueled Combustors with ENERGICO 333 KB 02/13/2013
Predicting Emissions with Auto-generated Equivalent Reactor Networks 1 MB 02/13/2013
Assessing Lean Blow Off Using ENERGICO 768 KB 02/13/2013



Title File size Last modified
Single Zone Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI) Engine 67 KB 02/12/2013
Engine Exhaust Aftertreatment with a Transient Inlet Flow 89 KB 02/12/2013
Verifying Ignition Delay Predictions of a Detailed Kinetics Mechanism 174 KB 02/12/2013
Laminar Flame Speed of Stoichiometric Methane/Air Premixed Flame 45 KB 02/12/2013
CHEMKIN-PRO for Reciprocating Engine Applications 32 KB 02/13/2013
Modeling HCCI Engine with Exhaust Gas Recirculation 64 KB 02/13/2013

Particle Tracking

Title File size Last modified
Modeling Soot Production 184 KB 02/13/2013

Flame Calculations

Title File size Last modified
Burner-stabilized Flame 50 KB 02/13/2013
Jet Flame Analysis with an Equivalent Reactor Network 71 KB 02/13/2013
Co-Flow Non-Premixed Methane/Air Flame 89 KB 02/13/2013
Flame-Extinction Strain Rate Simulations 175 KB 02/13/2013

Advanced Analyses

Title File size Last modified
Parameter Study Facility for Surface Chemistry Analysis 98 KB 02/13/2013
Using the Parameter-Study Facility to Vary Equivalence Ratio in Flame-speed Calculations 82 KB 02/13/2013
Using Partially Stirred Reactor to Assess Turbulence-Kinetics Interactions in a Combustor 69 KB 02/13/2013
Reaction Path Analysis 533 KB 02/13/2013
Uncertainty Analysis 92 KB 02/13/2013
Multi-Zone Engine Model 323 KB 02/13/2013

Materials and Microelectronics

Title File size Last modified
Using CHEMKIN for Materials and Microelectronics Applications 30 KB 02/13/2013
Equilibrium Analysis of Chlorosilane Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) 47 KB 02/13/2013
Approximations for a Cylindrical Flow Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) Reactor 101 KB 02/13/2013
Deposition in a Rotating Disk Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) Reactor 115 KB 02/13/2013
Trichlorosilane Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) in a Planar Channel Flow Reactor 153 KB 02/13/2013
Steady-State Chlorine Plasma 92 KB 02/13/2013
Spatial Chlorine Plasma Plug-flow Reactor (PFR) with Power Profile 109 KB 02/13/2013
Fluorocarbon Plasma Etching of Silicon Dioxide 123 KB 02/13/2013
Time-Dependent Simulations of the Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) Process 166 KB 02/13/2013
PSR Analysis of Steady-State Thermal Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) 87 KB 02/13/2013


Title File size Last modified
Improved Modeling of Multi-step Reaction Kinetics with CHEMKIN-CFD for FLUENT 661 KB 02/12/2013