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Predicting Soot in Engines: What Every Designer Needs to Know 1 MB 02/13/2013
Efficient and Effective CFD Design Flow for Internal Combustion Engines 313 KB 02/13/2013
Predicting Real Fuel Behavior in IC Engine Simulations 219 KB 02/13/2013
More Reliable Predictive Spray Models 1 MB 02/13/2013
Are All CFD Meshes Created Equal? 474 KB 02/13/2013
Modeling Spark Ignition and Flame Propagation for More Efficient Engine Designs 585 KB 12/05/2013
Predicting Emissions in Direct Injection Gasoline Engines with Immersed Boundary CFD Simulations 571 KB 04/16/2014
Four Essential Facts about Chemistry and Combustion CFD 730 KB 04/16/2015


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Accurate Chemistry Simulation Enables Clean Combustion Design for Power Generation 2 MB 02/13/2013
Simulating Fuel Flexibility and Combustion Performance 248 KB 02/13/2013
Using Advanced Simulation for Faster, Less Costly, Lean Blow Off Analysis 381 KB 02/13/2013
Using a Detailed Chemical-Kinetics Mechanism to Ensure Accurate Combustion Simulation 211 KB 02/13/2013


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Which CHEMKIN Is Right For You? 425 KB 02/11/2013


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Why CHEMKIN-CFD? 517 KB 02/12/2013